What happens if I withdraw interest from tentative job offer after inconclusive polygraph result?

I currently hold a Secret clearance for my current federal position, which I have been in for the past 4 1/2 years. I recently accepted a tentative job offer from a law enforcement agency and my first polygraph was inconclusive, so they will have to reschedule it. This new position would be for another federal agency but in the same department. For example: Let’s say I work for Department of Homeland Security for TSA but new position would be for FEMA (I used DHS as an example). It’s for a TS/SCI clearance.

If I withdraw my name (tentative job offer) from this position after an inconclusive first polygraph:

  1. Will I have to notify my current agency about inconclusive polygraph?
  2. Will other agencies find out about my inconclusive polygraph?
  3. If I do this, I will never apply/have any interest in working for this agency
  4. Will I have to disclose this inconclusive polygraph in future SF-86 and SF-85 forms or any other federal jobs, even if they do not require a clearance?

I was really hopeful for this new position, even though I have another shot at another polygraph, but the way the polygraph examiner questioned me really soured me. He/She could not discuss the results of the polygraph but said: they were all over the place. Polygraph examiner is an agent with the agency I would be working for, and thought to myself: What if I get treated this harshly once I begin working for this agency? It’s one of the most known agencies in the country.

The thing I’m worried the most is about future federal job applications and whether I have to disclose this experience. I do not think I will apply to any law enforcement agencies again.

This came up in another thread and I think the consensus was that you dont have to disclose a failed (excuse me, “inconclusive”) poly. Clearance denial or revocation, yes; failed poly, no.

If you do later decide to go this route, they may be able to get the record of this poly.

But, having an inconclusive first poly is not at all unusual. Its no fun, I’ll grant you that, but in all likelihood you will do fine the second time around. At least you aren’t dealing with one of these “one and done” places that dont give folks a second shot.

In reality, all polys are inconclusive because they are non-scientific guesses.

“Remember: it isn’t a lie if you believe it.” -George Costanza

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LOL The wisdom of George.