What is your salary?

I’ve always wondered how much contractor’s make compared to the feds.

I’m a federal BI and GG-12 step 4 in San Diego $103,244. 40 hours a week

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I make between 99,000 to $120,000 as a 1099 contractor for 1Force


That’s a lot of work to make that kind of coin. You must be working sixty hours per week 52 weeks per year.


Not if he / she live in an area with a lot of easy subject interviews where they get assigned mostly subject interviews with the employment


don’t know where you are located but I’m lucky to invoice $800 per week for 1Force

I work a 40 hour week out here Riverside and San Bernardino county … Peraton/ 1 force keeps me busy … I have been with 1force since 2018

I’m in Riverside County … I stay busy

Level 6 is roughly $95,600 a year. But as contractors we get quarterly bonuses if eligible and mileage reimbursement for the use of our personal cars.

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I think level 1’s are starting at around 55 (metro areas) and each step increase is about 7 grand more plus the rare merit increases. I don’t think the posted wage rates includes the elusive H&W amount that companies pay out with various accounting trickery.

Depends on the contractor I think. Some of the new sub companies seem to have higher compensation and benefits. I’ve heard of subs like Xcelerate paying over 60K for lower levels, with the higher levels exceeding 100K.