Independent Contractor pay rates

Hello all,

As mentioned in another post, Im thinking about coming back as an I/C with one of the subcontractors. I was a a FT Investigator for about 8yrs and was an I/C for a few ending in 2013, at that time an ESI was about 220- and I think record checks were about 50. I imagine things are streamlined from the days of PIPs, looking to get an idea of what rates are 10yrs later. Thanks

Can’t speak for rates since I’ve never been an IC, but ten years later and we still use PIPS.

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So much for technology :wink: Has anything been streamlined with ROIs or are reports still “blue” drag down with text added, etc.

Are ESIs still required to list minute details or has that been reduced in 10yrs?

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the pay rates, by and large, aren’t much improved.

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