When is NBIB going to issue creds to contractors?

So I hear that OPM agents are now introducing themselves as agents with National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB). When are contractors with OPM going to begin using the NBIB agency and get a new set of credentials?

This name change from OPM to NBIB is still ridiculously stupid and a poor decision. Nobody is going to know what NBIB is and people are going to think it’s a scam. OPM is obscure enough but NBIB is just plain a poor poor decision as a name for someone carrying around government credentials.

I only introduce myself as a Background Investigator with OPM. We dont have NBIB creds, business or drop cards yet so I try to avoid confusion.

And yeah, the name is terrible.

I can say based on information provided from a source familiar with vendor round tables that OPM is in no rush, at present, to push for new creds for the contractors.

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Well you guys were wrong. I don’t know where you guys were getting your information. Feds got their new creds this week and contractors are due to get their new creds next month sometime.

All quiet on the western front on our end. The company hasn’t even formally, officially addressed the transition to NBIB.

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How will they switch creds? Will they allow us to keep our OPM creds, send us new ones using existing photo on file, then have us send back OPM creds in timely manner? That would make most sense. Or will we send back our creds and wait for new ones…and be out of work for a week or two?

I heard rumors(s) that the current CACI NIT class was issued NBIB creds… I recently resigned from CACI to transition to the CSRA program and turned in my FIS creds yesterday. Myself and other CACI ex-pats are wondering if we will be re-issued our old FIS creds or will we be starting new with NBIB creds? Either way… there will likely be a significant amount of down time waiting for credentials to arrive. I’m assuming OPM will not be issuing NBIB creds until they receive the FIS set… Regardless, my field supplies arrived from CSRA this morning. I was issued brand new OPM/FIS door tags. Leads me to believe it will be at least another month (or so) before the NBIB creds make it my way.

They’re doing 'em in batches by the hundreds

Nice… Heard from my new Section Leader today that we should be receiving them NLT next Friday… I like your screen name by the way!

I think it sums up my experience thus far rather nicely!


I mean how hard is it to fedex a couple thousand creds? What a joke! I’m guessing they will still use our old pictures that are a decade old. I saw that the new contract for the new badges was like $500K. For that price they should have had them drop shipped right from the vendor.

This should have been done well before they made us change our introductions. This is just one more indication on why this agency is the most pathetic. What government agency requires its contractors and employees to introduce themselves as a agency representative that does not even match with their credentials. Answer: OPM. My opinion is the ship is getting ready to sink and it cannot happen soon enough.

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About how long does an OPM investigator reach out to the subject? It has been 193 days and I was wondering.

Oh the creds. I received my creds about a month and a half ago and I’m still having trouble operating with them and that extra flap is a major pain. I do not know who came up with the idea to put that flap on the creds and make it open like it does (in three parts) but it is the absolute worst and they should reconsider. Who do you think came up with the idea to design the creds?

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