While Our Personal Lives Are Being Turned Inside Out

Once again, please do not interject partisan politics here . . .

Yes, this was her driver . . . But, Feinstein sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee. How many discussion took place on the phone while she’s in her car? This “driver” also acted a liaison to the Chinese community and embassy.

Why aren’t congressional aides subjected to any type of clearance investigation?


Is there any data to suggest this aide hadn’t received a secret clearance or otherwise? If the aide didn’t have a clearance then Feinstein would, and should, be held accountable for anything she may have said that may have been classified in his presence. To be fair, that is impossible to prove unless there was evidence he knew of or had disclosed to someone else that information.

Helps reinforce the notion that you need to be on top of everything and be diligent in protecting what you know.

Might sound a bit paranoid but I had a tourist come up to me in an airport this weekend and ask that I take a picture for them. First thing that went through my mind was “what if this is someone who is looking to get a close up picture of my face.” I won’t go into more detail but i’m 99% sure it was completely innocuous. Never know though!

Congressional aides who help prepare their congressperson for classified briefings, act as a liaison between DOD/DHS/DOJ/etc. are certainly subject to the same standards we all have been subjected to. Most of these type of staff are career staffers who get pulled from a pool to serve the various committees. Congressmen/women are not subject to the same background checks as they are granted their authority directly through the constitution.

Wow… it makes sense.

Quite literally JUST had this conversation with a co-worker of mine. It’s insane. Look at Kushner.

Hopefully, this revelation may signify the long-overdue end of her political career.

Here is a much longer expose on the allegations. To be fair this is a “leans right” publication. But I found the evidence and content to be well sourced from various news organizations - many left leaning.

Content covers much of Feinstein’s career and makes some connections between her, her husband and their relationship with former (and current) leaders of the PRC (Including former President Jiang Zemin - you know, the one who committed atrocities against the Tibetans…)


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