Wife's law job requires frequent foreign court/consulate contact

Filling out SF-86 and trying to figure out how to answer question 20B.6, “foreign government contacts”, re my wife.

She is an attorney whose practice serves a population with a very high % of immigrants, and her cases often require routine paperwork contact with foreign governments – e.g., obtaining copies of divorce orders from foreign courts, obtaining foreign birth/death certificates, or just calling a consulate to see if they can provide assistance to a client. Only very rarely would any these ‘contacts’ have involved more than sending a form letter or a non-repeated routine phone call.

If the instructions for 20B.6 are read literally and narrowly, my wife guesses the number of contacts to report would be in the many dozens, well over one hundred range. Needless to say, she doesn’t have recollection of day-by-day paperwork from 7 years ago and reconstructing that from the firm’s archived billing records (not something she has access to on her own desktop at this point) would be a hell of a task – and not that they often even have a specific person’s name when they send in a record request form.

Then there are questions about, if a contact was made at my wife’s direction, but a paralegal actually filled out the form and hit ‘send’, does that count as a contact by my wife or not?

Any suggestions on how to handle this?

I believe the correct answer is NO…with an explanation in the remarks exactly as you have posted here. If more information is required then they can follow up during the interview and you are covered by disclosing it.