Will filing wage complaints hurt my chances of getting a clearance?

I applied and got a cyber security job. I first applied to this other IT position but it got filled but they offered me this position instead. At the end of the interview they told me that I’m going to need a security clearance to work here.

In the past I applied for this other job with a different employer but at the end of the paid training they said i wasn’t qualified but I can stay and work there for no pay and eventually they will offer me a paid position. Months go by and they do not offer me a paid position but I am working there for no pay about a few times a week. Someone in my family told that what they are doing is illegal and I should report them to the state labor agency. After going through the process and submitting evidence that I worked there WA L&I ordered them to pay me for the days I wasn’t paid. The few times that I was paid it was as 1099 income which was also illegal on their part because I don’t own a business. I now got a 1099 tax form in the mail. My parents are also not born in the U.S and I also work at a fast food restaurant.

Will all these factors ruin my chances at getting a clearance? I was really excited about this job opportunity and getting my first real high paying job in life but now I’m not so sure if I can hold this job.

These will not ruin your chances for a security clearance using the information you have provided (standard disclaimer).

If I do list the company that I got back wages from then how should I go about explaining what had happened? Also if the workers there have a negative opinion of me how should I explain that to an investigator?

If it’s the case, you stood up for your rights. This shouldn’t require more of an explanation than “I sued them for back wages and I won.”

You MUST list the company. You need to list all of your employment.

Yes, it IS illegal for the to have paid you, not withheld taxes and issue you a 1099. But, it’s NOT because you don’t own a business. It is because you met the qualifications of an employee and they are required to not only withhold taxes but to pay 1/2 of your Social Security payments.