7 or 10 years for a Secret Clearance

Hello- is the new 2018 SF 86 the correct form for a secret clearance? From what I’ve gathered TS, Secret and Confidential all use the same form (SF 86)?

2nd question- what is the actual scope of review for employment with a secret? It asks for 10 years on the form, but do they only look at 7 years?

10 years employment history is required for the SF 86 unless you are 27 or younger, regardless of the investigation type…

Thanks, I was curious because my friend recently got a secret clearance, and he let me know it only required a 5 year check. This will be my first clearance and I am prepping information. Is all 10 years of employment investigated or just somewhere between 5-7 years?

When I received mine they only contacted or attempted to contact employers going back 5 years. I know because I reviewed my completed investigation after adjudication. That doesn’t mean that is the standard.

On a side note, one of my employers didn’t even bother to respond to opm’s inquiry. The investigator documented as such - which left my most recent employer who’s hr didn’t respond - which prompted the investigator show up and speak with my supervisor at my most recent job.

Reasonably so, some employers get skidish when speaking about ex employees… If you think about it - there’s no benefit for an employer to do so, only risk… which is why a lot of HR’s just give dates and position - they don’t care if the person asking has a badge or not. Frankly, there is no legal mandate to cooperate in such an investigation either.

Good to know, a 5 yr back check should take a lot less time than a 10 yr one. At least one could hope. Interesting that they went out in person to interview though after a non response from the employer you mentioned below. I can’t imagine HR providing anything more than dates though. You are right, it’s a risk HR usually will not want to take.

Be careful, read all the questions carefully. Some are ‘Have you EVER…’ questions and that supersedes the 5/7/10/whatever limit.

Answer the questions and time frames requested on the questionnaires. There is more going on than just visiting employers for the last 5 years. I’ve seen Subject’s have issues because folks with just enough knowledge to be wrong will tell someone that you only need to fill out the form to 5, 7, or 10 years.

Also, intentionally not completing the form, regardless because you thought you only had to go back X years instead of the requested years, is reported as an issue.

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