a Final Top Secret Clearance by DoD CAF

does anyone know what determined Eligibility for a Final Top Secret Clearance by DoD CAF is ? thank

It means that the Dept of Defense Central Adjudication Facility has reviewed your investigation file and found you eligible for access to Top Secret information. You don’t necessarily have a clearance until you get briefed somewhere… for example, background investigators go through the same investigation but don’t get a clearance.

No idea how this would transfer to FBI who has its own separate system… maybe they can take that investigation and grant their own clearance?

I would be curious to know how an FBI contractor was able to get that much info unless of course they also do DoD work and have access to JPAS.

I have signed Form SF-312 , so it means i have a TS now?

If in fact you have a clearance, and you’re not sure if you do or not, then there may be a disconnect somewhere.

Would not the primary source of information be the FSO or Security Manager that briefed you and had you sign the SF-312? This site is just for advisement, you need to go to the authoritative source for accurate information.