Is a FBI Top Secret Clearance transferable to a defense contractor?

I wanted to know as to whether or not a FBI Top Secret Clearance would be transferable to a DoD contractor. I know that the FBI lies under the DoJ. I am also partially aware that intelligence agencies house their clearances in Scattered Castles whereas the DoD is under JPAS. The transfer would be from the FBI to a defense contractor which includes big companies like Lockheed Martin and Boeing. Would the process of transferring this Clearance be a tough task? The positions in which I am interested in with the defense companies would require a Secret Clearance.

This is a question only your FSO can answer for you. The completion date for your last FBI investigation will also be a factor.

The investigation would be within scope in terms of a time frame, meaning that the clearance wouldn’t expire. Would I just speak with my FSO and they handle the transfer?

Here’s one way it might play out: the new employer and their customer would require that you fill out a complete new questionnaire (SF-86 or eQIP) but then once they start the processing, they would request the FBI investigation and use that. It could take a while to get that and of course you’d still have to wait for adjudication. But if the FBI investigation is recent enough you might be able to skip the DoD investigation.

I definitely need to speak to my respective FSO in order to handle this transfer

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