11B Security Clearance

I was investigated for a security clearance when I enlisted infantry in the Army in 2008. I got out in 2014 and never really knew if I was granted a clearance. How would I know if I ever actually held a clearance? Is it automatic that all infantry enlisted have secret clearances?

Is it automatic that all infantry enlisted have secret clearances?

They didn’t used to back in my day. But now they issue secret clearances to ROTC cadets so maybe they do…

Same here. I didn’t automatically get one when I was in (2004 - 2008), but received a Secret during my last year. But not because of the job - someone in the Division put me in for one for X reason. I also don’t remember filling out an SF-86 in the military, but distinctly remember filling out an SF-86 (or 85?) for a Public Trust in 2009 for a DOJ job.

Good thing whoever filled out my SF-86 in the military didn’t screw it up…

Don’t answer the question on the 86 then discuss it if you’re interviewed. If you need an interview the investigator will prob already know about a prior clearance and confront you to clear it up during the interview. Then write the info down and save it for future clearances.

I am in the hiring process for an 1811 position and I just don’t want to misrepresent anything on the SF-86. Is there anyway I can find out if and when I held a clearance?

I think it will be enough to note that you submitted paperwork in 2008. Investigator should be able to figure out the rest

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On the SF86 you will have the ability to list the investigation and then chose “I don’t know” for the date granted and level of clearance granted. This way you are covered.

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Sounds good, thanks everyone.

You might not have had a clearance but were investigated at the Tier 3, meaning you were eligible.

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Any idea of how I can find out for sure? Should my DD214 or NGB22 indicate it anywhere?

There would be no indication on those documents. I don’t think it would even be a big deal to get a secret and I am sure that it wouldn’t be a deciding factor in the hiring process.

You can do a FOIA request through DCSA. Simply Google for the information and follow the DCSA instructions. This will tell you if you had an investigation and the investigation type.

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You should have that just in time for your next clearance.

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If the investigation is complete should there be additional documentation stating whether or not a clearance was granted?

Generally, you just receive the investigative materials (the report of investigation) not any adjudicative information (to include any determination info). I’d love to hear if anyone has received any adjudicative documentation or granting docs when they do a FOIA request.

You are using common words in a specialized business. You are eligible for access if you are adjudicated (completed investigation). You don’t have a
“granted” clearance unless you sign the NDA.
You appear to be asking about eligibility. The FOIA packageshould show if your case was closed/adjudicated with a date - that means you are eligible on that date. It has been decades since I last FOIA’d myself and I can not state for certain if the certificate of eligibility is still in the case folder.

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I have an old FOIA request and all it included was my SF-86 that was completed at enlistment and a brief letter saying an investigation was complete. I don’t remember ever signing an NDA but I don’t know. I have no idea if I ever held a clearance.

Then you were eligible at that time. I don’t know where the NDA is kept these days for former military.

But that eligibility doesn’t mean I actually had a clearance right?

No, it doesn’t. It just means you were eligible for a medium risk/sensitive national security position (i.e. the military in general).