Academic dishonesty


I was on probation for academic misconduct (cheating on exam). What a re my chances to get clearance (SF85 form is required). Please, give me your thoughts. My probation was in spring of 2014.


If it is a one-time isolated incident and no other issues are present, as long as you are honest and forthright about it then it should not prevent you from being granted a clearance.


Thank you, Marco. Yes, this is an isolated incident. Otherwise, I am “clean”. Three things still worry me:


  1. This incident is recent (spring of 2014)

  2. I am more than 40 years old (maturity)

  3. I said I did not cheat, but did not appeal because I was so crushed by the whole thing


I am still very ashamed and will never place myself in a similar situation!

Do the above facts speak against me?


Sounds to me like you have answered you own question. You have learned form this one time incident and will make sure it never happens again. Good to go!


Thank you again. I was about to decline the VA offer because I believed I would never get clearance. Now, I am in process of filing out the SF85 form. Thanks for giving me strength and support