Academic Integrity

Will my academic integrity history be asked about in a polygraph interview if we have never been caught? In college, a lot of people will google stuff during take-home quizzes, or even help each other with take-home quizzes. Of course, this goes against the academic integrity code, but because such a high percentage of people do it I am wondering if it would be an issue. Additionally, it should be mentioned that the importance of quizzes is nowhere near that of exams, and I would not cheat on any exams going forward-- there is one incidence where someone told me a question that would be on an exam, but it turned out that I was taking a make-up exam anyway, so I got a different exam completely without that question. I felt guilty nonetheless and did not ask about the specific questions on the next exam. However, I worry about the feasibility of taking take-home quizzes dissimilar to everyone else by doing them as they are intended-- as dumb as it sounds, I worry my grades would take a hit. Do I have to worry about this kind of thing? I obviously can’t live my life afraid of a potential polygraph for a job I haven’t even received yet, but it is something I have been thinking about.

I should mention that I have accepted an offer with a Secret clearance and have submitted my SF-86, which did not mention this obviously. While I don’t think I will be polygraphed for this position, I am worried for the future if I want to work at one of the agencies in the future after graduation.

You are overthinking it.
You’d be hard pressed to find someone who has never cheated in their life.

If asked or required to list something along these lines, then explain the situation.

I’m pretty sure that’s a control question anyway :laughing: