Accepting multiple job offers that require a clearance

Hello all,

I am separating from the Navy and currently searching for my next career. I currently hold an active clearance.

I accepted a job offer from a company that requires a TS/SCI with CI Poly. I do not have a poly so they will be sponsoring one for me a few days after my start date. The problem with this job is 1) The contract is up for grabs and 2) My poly results will determine my future at this job. I am not worried about failing a poly but there is always a chance, right?

Now, I have also accepted another job offer at a company that requires just an SCI clearance. I do have that there is no change of this company losing the contract and this job is my “back up” plan if you will. My start date for this job would be about 30 days after the start date for job A so if I don’t pass the Poly I will still have something to go to.

Would doing this cause any issues with my clearance? Also, I know failing a poly could be grounds for losing a clearance all together but again I’m not worried about failing it there is always the “what if” factor.