Failed a CI Poly and need more information

Before anyone tells me to contact my FSO, please know I contacted them and still waiting on a response.

Can an FSO or anyone else who’s experienced in this, answer my question:

I currently have TS/SCI, issued through DOD (Army Reserves). It was adjudicated last fall. About a month ago I took an offer to work for a 3 letter government agency based out of DC. The role required TS/SCI with CI poly. I took the poly and failed it, which unfortunately ended my contract with the agency. During the poly I didn’t admit to any crime(s). I’m just not a good poly test taker because I’m always anxious and my mind plays tricks on me. The FSO for the contracting company I went through advised me that this will negatively affect my TS and any future roles that will require a TS. They also mentioned that my TS will be pulled because I failed the poly. I’m worried about this. I’m still in the Army Reserves and utilizing my TS for my MOS. Can someone please shed some light on my situation?

You could be administratively separated from the Army if you lose your clearance.