TS going for TS/SCI with poly

I currently hold a DoD TS and am employed as a DoD contractor. I am applying for a position with the DOJ that requires a TS along with SCI and requires a CI poly.

I have absolutely nothing to hide from the poly. However, I am nervous just thinking about having to take it. It’s not uncommon for people to fail while still being honest. Am I overthinking things? Do I really have anything to worry about as long as I am honest.? I am aware of what this type of poly covers, and I know darn well I am or have not been involved with anything like that.

Does failing the poly strip me of my current TS or can it cause issues down the road?

Yes if you fail the poly it may create issues down the road and may lead to your clearance being revoked. Please read some of the posts regarding this. But I am thinking you won’t fail if your being honest. The examiners are trained in knowing the difference between nerves versus deception.

Good Luck!

Almost everybody is nervous about taking a poly. The exception that I can think of would be psychotics . . . The whole process is built to used on people who are nervous.

Don’t over think and don’t “study” the process. Just go in and answer the questions. You will be fine.

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My coworker had failed polygraphs and he never got his clearance revoked only his access removed to certain areas. He has had his clearance renewed since then. Failing a poly doesn’t necessarily mean you are the next Snowden.

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