Accepting SECRET job when i have a TS/SCI


Im thinking of accepting a new job with Air Force that requires a SECRET clearance…but i have had a TS/SCI for almost 5 years.

Will my TS/SCI then expire if im working in a job that only requires Secret ?

Thanks for your help

The old answer would have been, if you are not in a position requiring access to TS/SCI you will not get a reinvestigation that would maintain your access… but now with continuous evaluation, who knows? Maybe you still have the two-year window to get a TS/SCI job or possibly get into a position with the Air Force where you can get back into access based on your current investigation.


It is the position driving the clearance, not the cleared person. So moving to a Secret seat…would techically turn off the TS. But ypu could cross over to a different TS seat and it may be renewed. May. If you stay with same agency. If you leave any 3 letter agency…they use their own reporting databases on top of scattered castles. So lets say a CIA clearance…will not show up on the new DoD system. It may show up on Scattered…will definitely be in the CIA system. Every 3 letter swears they are the only one doing clearances correct and they don’t trust the other 3 letters.



Is it easy to have another contractor in Pentagon hire me in a TS position if i am working in a Secret job ?

If i just take the SECRET position now for 6 months then find a TS job in Pentagon.

I received my TS 12/2017, about 4.5 years ago

These jobs are with DOD, i only work with DOD


To piggyback off what @Amberbunny2 said, the clearance goes with the position, not the individual… BUT your “eligibility” may still be in effect within that mythical two-year window. Actually it is a little better than mythical… let’s say “notional”

As the poet said, your mileage may vary. As the modern day poet might say, YMMV

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Yes at least for the next 11 months or so. Simple cross over to the new places books. The closer you come to needing a new BI…can drive a couple different paths, but they all get you to the job. Some places ask for a fresh SF86, and what I call a “No-No-No” check. That is where they look at it all but primarily the no to drugs, drink, arrests, foreign contacts, debt, supremacy organizarion questions. This can allow a hire…and then generate immediate new BI. We did this on the regular.