Initiating TS/SCI investigation will negate the validity of current Secret CI

I currently hold Secret DOD. It just became “current” as I been redeployed from oversea.
I was told by the contract manager of potential new employer that if they initiate TS/SCI process the investigation will negate the validity of my current CI. Everybody know that TS/SCI process is lengthy and can take years. If I find meanwhile a different job that requires Secret level would I be able to use my old clearance or have to wait until they validate new CI for TS? In other words, will I be tied to that new employer until the end of investigation because CI in process?

First of all, what do you mean by CI?

Second, I have never heard of this where a new investigation somehow invalidates a current clearance just by it being initiated. Yes, sometimes a new investigation will uncover issues which may impact an existing clearance, but that would happen later… and only if such “derogatory information” is uncovered.

Sounds like “the contract manager of potential new employer” has no idea what he is talking about.

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He claims that my old eligibility will not change, but my CI will be negated since CIs are directly linked with the background investigation

CI - counterintelligence

CI - counterintelligence investigation