Accidentally ommitted charge on FS-85

I recently (2 days ago) submitted my FS-85 Non-Sensitive Public Trust documentation for an offered position I have accepted and agreed to a start date of May 15th.

Under the section where it asks if you have had “any charges against you within the past 5 years” I clicked “No” with full confidence. After submitting the application I realized several hours later that that answer may not be entirely true. There were charges brought against me by the management company that owns an apartment i used to live in. They were seeking rent that was owed. The thing is, that it was entirely their mistake that i was included in the case. I had signed all the paperwork taking me off the lease, and hadn’t lived there for nearly a year when the charges were filed, but the landlord neglected to (I assume) submit the paperwork. When I looked up the docket number, it said that the charge had been brought against me exactly 5 years and 1 day prior to me submitting the SF-85 paperwork and all of the charges were withdrawn 11 days after the initial date.

I have already emailed the person handing my paperwork through this employer explaining the entire situation to them and even providing the docket number and case information.

Do i have anything to worry about here?