Accused of withholding information twice, is this normal?

I took a polygraph exam as a part of a 2 day trip to do that and a bunch of other stuff. It was originally supposed to be just one day for the poly, but on the first day the examiner said I was withholding information about foreign contacts and then after a little back and forth eventually told me I wasn’t able to satisfy one question and that everything else was ok.

They gave me a followup appointment the next day with another examiner for a poly only on the topic of foreign contacts, who said the same thing that I was withholding information and that I couldn’t “clear” the question regarding foreign contacts and that my report would be sent to the adjudicator. The second examiner said this after saying the adjudicators wouldn’t view a question mark next to foreign contacts lightly and that they’d “err on the side of national security” most likely, and just overall was trying to coerce me into giving them an answer and kept repeating the same line about how being honest is the best way forward (despite me being honest).

Does not clearing a question mean I failed my polygraph and I should just start seeking other roles? Is this kind of behavior normal, or did I just really get bad polygraph results? Should I contact my security officer? This is for a student role, and this is my first exam which is why I’m so nervous.

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sounds normal to me, tons of stories like this.

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