AD Army- DEROG involving alleged DV/Sexual assault

Looooooooooong story short. Current TS-SCI holder.

I am Active Duty Army being involuntary separated under Chapter 14-12c (commission of a serious offense)

My now ex-wife accused me of sexual assault as we were terminating our marriage back in fall of 2017.

CID opened a case in DEC 2017. Case was closed sometime in the spring of 2018. There were no criminal charges filed but I ended up receiving a BDE LOR for Sexual Assault and a GOMOR for Domestic Violence based on my ex’s allegations. The DEROG on my clearance has just been sitting there since the initial report of the allegation.

All of these actions have been administrative, I am INNOCENT, and I’ve never been proven guilty of the alleged crimes but it doesn’t seem to matter as far as my army career goes. It’s over.

My only care now is my clearance. I already have multiple job offers paying very well but they require my clearance to remain intact and the DEROG removes.

Hello. What do I do next?

I would recommend trying to stay on positive terms with your command and work to have a final resolution entered on the derog info. If it is let open ended it can be a problem. If it was addressed and considered closed…it is still there but may be mitigated.


Thank you, I have been assured by my current Commander that she will support maintaining my clearance… but she is not well-versed in how to respond to a DEROG (Frankly neither am I). My previous Commander, who was in Command at the time of the alleged incident, supported me 100% and recommended my clearance not be suspended or revoked when the initial DA 5248-R (Report of Unfavorable Information for Security Determination) went up.