Additional clarifying questions

Im 11 year federal employee and filed out new E-quip for SF-85P mod risk about a week ago
Received email that they wanted documentation for accounts that have been paid or are on payment plan
I had a few 120 day late payments/charge-offs and I either paid or made arrangement
Just wondering if this is a positive thing and is it separate from credit report they run

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Well it is certainly positive that somebody is already looking at your eQIP!!! That’s pretty quick if you ask me.

I don’t know if it is separate from the credit report, but some people have found that whatever credit report the investigators run might dig a little deeper than the “free credit report” individuals are able to do on their own.

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I’m going through this myself. They’ve also asked me for the same documentation which I’ve provided. The funny thing is SEAD 4 ask for (“good faith effort to pay the debt or the reason the debt hasn’t been paid”). This means payment arrangements are included! SEAD 4 doesn’t state anything about how long those arrangements have been in place or how much they are. I hope this helps. My adjudicator is also asking for 6 months of payment history. That request for 6 months of payments isn’t in writing within the DNI SEAD 4 Guideline F.

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This got my curiosity so I looked up SEAD 4, Adjudicative Guidelines and you are correct, it does not mention six months of payment history. However, the way I read this (and I am not an adjudicator just to be clear), the guidelines set forth the standards for making a decision, but appear to make no mention of the evidence needed to support that decision.

Kinda like the time they asked me for tax records going back further than I am supposed to retain, even further back than the IRS retains.

It does not surprise me that they asked those questions because when I am interviewing a Subject and an account needs to be discussed, I have to ask when you made the payment plan, how much you pay and how often, and when you anticipate having the debt resolved. Under certain circumstances I have to ask for documentation of the accounts.