Contacted by adjudicator for additional information

I had been contacted about an opportunity in August, the 18th of 2014 as a contractor at the SEC.
Offered the position and accepted on August 28th, completed everything for the background check. Found suitable for the opportunity some time in November.
I added that I had owed $700 in back taxes from 2008, received notification the very day of filling out the e-qip, showed an immediate payment made as well, not in full.
Notified on December 30th that it seemed the position never materialized, first new director, eventually signed off on positions, then funding issues, then funding was approved. Still never came about.

In Feb. contacted about the opportunity again, said yes I’m still interested. Two people were being brought on, then one and one later, then just one and second position was eliminated. A similar role then came up, I was submitted for it against other potential candidates, I was selected.

SEC was me to go through a second investigation, answered everything the same in the e-qip. when answering delinquent debts, I answered no, same as the first time. An adjudicator contacted me saying I answered the question falsely stating delinquent debts and included them in her email.
I had no knowledge of the debts, no one advised me to rum a credit report, I’ve never applied for a Government position.
One debt is being shown by two separate collection agencies, except one added interest, so it shows two different amounts on my credit report though it’s the same debt.
A delinquent debt was added on 12/14 by an agency that has over 300 complaints on the BBB website, all similar to mine with alleged debt to Verizon. I disputed the charge as I’m still with Verizon and have no balance.

I’ve been on public assistance for 2 years now as I left my job in 2012 to aid my mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer. She passed away in 10/13 and began looking for work, couldn’t find anything.
I had been living at home, then my step-father who I lived with died 8 months after my mother.
I had to take over all overdue utility bills as we had no lease agreement and I’ve been living here. I’ve been paying them the best I can to keep everything on.
I had a hospital bill of $2400 in 7/14 that I addressed and took care of. A few years ago I had a balance with a doctor of $1200 that I did pay off monthly.
I lost my grandmother in between my mother and step-father passing away. My step-father had been part of my life for 41 years. Lost my biological father in 2010, been through a lot.
I can make payment arrangements with CA, one of the 2 showing on my credot report, debt is $563. Second CA has added interest and the debt shows over $600.
I can pay off another debt of $157 by borrowing money. Debt disputed is $355.
I wish this was revealed to me with the first investigation, at least I could have addressed it all this time.
Is there anything I can do to mitigate the debts and receive a favorable decision by the adjudicator?
Thank you.

Should have included that the single debt being collected by two agencies is medical debt. So is the debt for $157, never had credit cards or any other type of debt in my life. Frustrating to potentially not receive this opportunity for unknown medical debt.

It sounds like you were not really up to speed on your overall financial situation and as a result it appears that you were less tan forthcoming on all of the debts. You should have been given information on all of the accounts in question. Go to the Financial debt section of the ADR and look for the mitigating factor and start working on gathering all of the needed information:

Thank you Marko for the information, it is greatly appreciated.
Would it be helpful to include if I addressed a medical bill of $2400 in 7/14 and also had a balance with a physician of $1200 that I made payments and now have a zero balance?
Also have a few receipts for making deposits into my mother’s accounts to help her with medical bills from her treatment for cancer?
Showing overdue utility bills I had to take over in order to maintain services in the house?