Past criminal background

First thing is what is the difference between the eqip 86F and the regular SF86. I noticed on the eqip version of the SF86 it has no police record category, whereas the hard copy of the SF86 does. There are also questions differently phrased…

There are many version of the SF 86 as well. Some are ridiculously long. Some are 17 pages. The government client determines what form is used. Interesting you note not seeing any questions on police record on the Equip. Do you have a specific issue with disclosing something that may or may not be on a police record?

Thanks for responding Amber. I have a minor misdemeanor from 2014 that should not affect me. I was more concerned about which form I was going to get. I’m trying to complete it but it’s like throwing darts at s moving Target. Also I was anxious to get the eqip form emailed to me. They have had the paperwork since June 12th.

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Yes, I’m sorry but you were in my spam folder and I’m just seeing it. I have a misdemeanor from 2014 for telephone harassment. It was something that should have never happened but it was over a bad break up and stupid things were done by both of us…

If the circumstances seem like “stupid kid stuff,” it will reflect as such. If it developed into something very unhealthy, that will also be revealed. Don’t hide from it. List it as the charge listed it. Cover up nothing and be forthcoming. At 5 plus years old if there was no repeat of the action…chances are it is overcome by events and time.

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Amber, I also have credit issues. I began repairing it last summer. It’s been greatly improved but I still owe three creditors money.
Finally I take Zoloft for minor anxiety. So I have like 3 categories against me. I’m thinking it will add up.

The zoloft issue will be scoped. If it is controlled, no problem. Having three creditors you are not currently paying…is a problem. That is called “unaddressed debt.” I recommend getting into a payment plan now. Even if it is a minimum payment plan. If you can borrow money to pay it off, do that. This will put you into a much better position if you are asked to speak to that. Unaddressed debt is simple to fix but it does require some cashflow. If you have zero, you cannot pay. But it at times is viewed as entering into an agreement and not living up to it. In order to protect classified material, you will sign an agreement. They want evidence you live up to your agreements. Are you positive there are no police questions on the equip version?

One last thing, I haven’t received my eqip form yet.

Amber, I don’t know who you are or where you but thank you for your help. My name is Byron and I’m from New Orleans/Houston.
I have four creditors that I’m paying. I have another one, it’s by far the biggest. 10,000.00. They sued me about a year ago for non payment. My attorney tells me he can get me out of it. I began clearing up my creditors last fall. At that time I had 12 open accounts. Now cut down to five. My credit score when I started was below 500. Now it’s 600. Part of the reason is an employment gap and another was having to take a part time job because my mother had altzheimers.

Are you saying I should have a payment agreement with each creditor?

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When I first came onto this forum amberbunny stressed to me to get all not some all of my debt into a repayment plan. So I did that I enrolled in a debt settlement program and most of my delinquent debt is in that program addressed. Then I self settled and paid for a few other accounts that had lower balances that I could afford to pay them in one lump sum.

Well I met with my BI today and thank god I took amberbunnys advice because it def was viewed favorable that I had all my debt in a repayment plan and even paid some off already. So I guess I will second what she said. Dont leave anything unaddressed. After going over my credit report and such she said I should be fine.

Oh one other thing. Keep documents of everything delinquent you pay. If you get paid in full or paid settlement letters in the mail keep them and scan them into your computer and upload them to Dropbox or Onedrive so you have a record of it and everything in one location so when asked to fax it over (cause you’ll have to show proof you are in a settlement program\payment program or paid for .a debt) you are arent scrambling trying to find said documents. I had all my settlement letters and payment posted accounts in one spot and a letter from the debt settlement company that showed my enrollment date, amount I pay and what accounts were enrolled.


Thank you for all of your help. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. Im glad I mentioned the credit issue to you. I wasn’t sure how sensitive they are to that but I’m on it tomorrow. These are my negatives.

Take antidepressants
Gaps in employment

Am I totally screwed?
One other thing. The contractor resubmitted my paperwork to the prime contractor as it had been probably six weeks that I didn’t hear anything. They resubmitted me to FEMA and FEMA has confirmed they received it. She said I should get it no later than 9/6. That’s this Friday. Would you persue with my contractor why I haven’t received anything yet?


I’d wait until next week. People get busy in all jobs.