Additional Questions asked about my previous denials for Clearance

So I am going for a public trust clearance with a new company I started with a month ago. I was timid to take the job and go for the clearance at all because I have failed to get clearances twice in the past, once in 2015 for a top secret with poly because I didnt put down all my drug use and frequency on my forms and then tried to “come clean” in the poly room and they saw the drug use coupled with the lying on forms as reasons for denial. Then I tried to apply for a public trust a year later thinking maybe because it was lower level and It had been a year without drug use I could be cleared but I was denied again I believe because not enough time had passed and so same issues were there.
Now I applied again because it has been almost 7 years and I have a clean background with drug use. I checked the boxes saying I had been denied these clearances in the past and gave explanations. They emailed me recently asking for more info on these failed clearances and pretty much asked me to answer the same basic questions I had on my SF-86 of “have you ever been denied a clearance or public trust” but also to “provide relevant documentation”. I am trying to acquire exact Statement of reasons for my denial in my previous background investigation but not sure if the department of security is going to get back to me in a timely fashion. Just wondering if anybody had advice on how I should answer. I know I should give as much detail as I can and also talk about how I have mitigated the risk factors that caused my previous failures but it seems so open ended I just am nervous. I know I could easily get denied again but want to give myself the best chance.