Public Trust previously denied

Hi, I was denied a Public Trust seven years ago because I had noted on the form that I had used cannabis as well as ayahuasca during the previous year. Now I have another opportunity for a job that requires a Public Trust. This new job, however, is with a completely separate government agency. Will they be able to see the previous Public Trust that had been denied, and why it was denied? Will my employer (a government contractor) be able to see that I had previously been denied a Public Trust?

Thank you!

Assume that they can :slight_smile:

Read the questions carefully, illegal substance use over seven years ago may no longer be an issue… assuming you have stayed away from the weed and whatever that other stuff is.

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would Roger need to disclose the previous denial? I know SF86 asks about clearance denials, but that may be apples to oranges.

I don’t know who said it on the forums, but read the questions carefully and answer them literally