Q clearance take two

Hello I am about to give it another try to attain q clearance after being denied almost a year ago. I am hoping that the denial doesn’t automatically come with a predisposition towards another denial but maybe a fresh start with different people. Is there anything anyone can tell me , any tips other than what i already know having been through it once and having dealt with 100 % of everything they were concerned about. And one more year of time for anything that only time heals. I have to thank you all for all of the advice and opinions and facts that you furnished me with in my last attempt. Every time i got on this site I knew it would be an hour or two before I got off, I could have read cases for hours.

Why did you get denied last time?

You have more knowledge going in this time, you’re likely the best to know if you can clear now. Without researching your old posts, we don’t know if “having dealt with 100% of everything they were concerned about” means that you paid off a few debts, or completed your probation for selling pot.

Gotcha , it was a few things . I had 3 dwi’s all more than 15 yrs. Old. There were 3 accounts on my credit report all for about 130 bucks each that i had overlooked when filling out the questionaire. I paid them immediately upon becoming aware of them. The Mo. DoR said i owed 3200 in state taxes which ultimately turned into a 952 dollar check to me when all was said and done. I had an open warrant for my arrest in new Mexico for a bogus dui from 15 yrs. Prior which was reduced to an open container like it should have been in the first place. But by the time I took care of all this , it was too little too late to make a difference in their eyes.