Getting a Q clearance with medical debt

Hi all ,
I am currently in a position where i may have to get a Q clearance for a job if i pass this interview soon. This is a dream job and im praying I land it :pray:.
I have no criminal record besides a minor moving violation from when i was 18 and got in a wreck . than a restraning order that was placed against me and my brother from him brining home trouble when i was in highschool, i think i was 16 or 17 at the time and he was in his 20s picking fights and bringing them home so one night the people he was fighting came driving by yelling, honking , throwing stuff and keeping me up on a school night so i had enough after their like 5th time by that night and i grabbed mg paintbal gun a lit up their car . Their report says i threw a chair for some reason but it was frozen paintballs that were being shot at their car not me throwing a chair. They let me sleep in peace after that.
I am 24, back when i was 18 or 19 ( I forget the exact age)
I took out 5 credit cards ( stupid decision) and than soon after lost my job. Back than i was stupid with my spending and didnt have any priorities straight and didnt think it was a big deal. I guess i thought i was like physically and financially invincible or some crap
I continued paying for my car and car insurance when i got a part time job and started college but didnt pay the credit cards , those went to collections and up until recently have been there. I ended up disputing them and having them removed but i know with the clearance they will still see it most likely. I have 1 credit card from than still on my credit but i plant to pay that off completley soon and that will leave me with just medical debt.
Reality didnt hit me until I moved out on my own about 1 1/2 years ago , moved out for a job working here at pratt and whitney and I became finacially independent and realized how much credit actually affects your life. No told me or i had closed ears to that life fact and it has screwed me in many life things , like getting a house / apparement etc.
Its been panic mode since than. Ive been trying to get my score up so i can move out of the apparement i am in now. Sitting at a 611 now from the low 500s eariler last year.

The biggest thing for me right now is all the medical debt I have. I have close to $20k in medical debt in collections , I am over whelmed and not even sure how to process all of it or where to start fixing it.

I have a friend who is a PI and he told me to write a plan and explain in detail what happend and why i have all the medical debt and explian/ plan out how i will fix it and i should be ok but im still worried and im stuck.
If i am able to do i just consolidate it and start paying on that , does that look good or does it look bad because i just created more debt ?
Im sorry for throwing all this onto here in a jumble of words, im excited and panicked at the same time and im trying to figure this all out.

Dig through the clearances denied/granted with financial delinquencies. You’ll learn what to do to firm up your best arguments/case for clearance

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You can find them here: Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals > Industrial Security Program > Industrial Security Clearance Decisions > ISCR Hearing Decisions

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