Administrative Review

Hello all, I need some help.

I submitted E-QIP, along with fingerprints and on-boarding packet on April 10th. Investigator has interviewed me. An investigator has been in my neighborhood “pounding the pavement” in regards to my character. All of my contacts have been interviewed. I was emailed yesterday that my clearance was sent to “administrative review” and this would prolong my clearance time due to focusing on an issue in my background OR trouble clarifying information. The security officer asked me if I wanted to continue the process.

Should I be worried? How much longer will this delay the process? Will I be notified immediately if I am to be denied or approved? Why would she ask if I wanted to continue, do they something I don’t know?

I feel like going into Admin Review, after reading several articles, is like going into the land of the lost.

The reason she asks if you want to continue is probably more like do you want to keep waiting for an indefinite period of time or go find another job. Or they may find another candidate that already is cleared. Without knowing what the potential issues may be there is no way to provide further advice.

I have a question… was whatever issue that is making your case go to administrative review brought up with you first? Or did they just find something then send it to Admin?

@tank5335 No, it was not brought up to me until I was informed they had put my case in ADMIN REVIEW. So I have no idea what they found, or what is going on now, or anything, all that FSO told me was that it might prolong my clearance investigation…

are you getting your clearance through DOE, DOD, DOJ? is it a TS, S or Q?

reason i ask is because i am going for DOE Q and after reading your post it scared me into calling my connection there and she told me DOE’s policy on admin review is this:

  1. If unresolved issues made it to the adjudicators desk, they call you and try to fix it first
  2. Then if they don’t like the answer or it doesn’t fix anything… they run it by a supervisor who tries to help resolve
    3.Then and only then if all these attempts don’t fix it and it is a serious issue, they start the admin review

It’s a DOD/TS. I was notified 3 weeks ago it was in ADMIN REVIEW and wasn’t contacted yet about what it is in regards to or anything, so I’m kind of waiting in the dark. On the plus side, I’m actively employed, so I do have the time to wait, but it’s starting to get painful not knowing what is going on. I bet my file is at the bottom of an enormous stack that will not be touched for months, is what I am assuming, after some of the stories I’ve read…

Does anyone have any experience with their clearance going into Administrative Review? If so, what was the outcome?

Ok, Administrative Clearance packet was received today, within the 30 days timeline I was given. In it I submitted response to the derogatory information and have enclosed letters of recommendation as well as other documents. Anyone have experience with administrative review? If so, were your explanations sufficient to grant clearance?

Hi I have been notified that my OPM background Investigation has been sent into Administrative Review. I was wondering if you received any updates regarding your situation and if you were able to refute the derogatory information? Did you find out who said such things? What was the outcome?

Hi @2017BI. They sent me a packet to refute the derogatory information, which was a DUI while in a company vehicle. I wrote a literally specimen letter, added endless referral letters, and really fought my case.
My clearance was denied. I refuted as best I could the situation (which was a DUI, which was in the SF-86, and spoken about with the investigator). They sent me a denial letter basically saying that I lied and wasn’t an outstanding citizen. I had no plans on appealing after receiving that letter, and almost thought about sending them a letter back just telling them that we all make mistakes and all the information was presented clear as day, and for them to construe something different from that just makes them absurd, but I didn’t. My advice to you, is start applying to other jobs, if you have the chance to. I was lucky and employed while waiting. I was actually glad once I received the news, because the wait and checking my email hourly became obsessive. Good luck and hope everything turns out well for you.