Background Investigation has been sent into Administrative Review, what does this mean for getting clearance?

Can anyone help me understand what this means?

CSRA Security has received notification from OPM that your background Investigation has been sent into Administrative Review.

I have been honest about my credit debt, which is being paid off, my infrequent past of smoking weed (do not currently nor will in future). I had a messy divorce but that was 7 years ago and we are fine now co-parenting our child. The BI never actually spoke to my current boss to verify my employment, so technically that is missing in the report. All my references said it was an easy process, the agent seem to like me and said I was “an easy case.” So I am shocked by this notice and freaking out about this certified letter that is coming to me. Can anyone help shed light on this matter? Should I just figure I will get denied TS at this point?


Don’t get ahead of yourself. Right now it means what it says, it’s a review. I don’t know all your case specifics, i.e. how much debt you have and how long you’ve owed it and how recent the marijuana use was. They use a ‘whole person’ concept so if you have enough mitigating factors, good work history and references, distance from your issues, it’s possible that it may be granted anyway. It also depends on the type of clearance and job you’re applying for. Just take a deep breath and wait until you hear more. If you get a denial letter you have a chance to appeal. Then you can provide even more mitigating information at that point. This is where you in detail describe what you’ve learned from the past issues and how they are no longer a concern. You have only one chance to submit something so if you believe you need assistance consult an experienced attorney to help you draft it. Bigley & Ranish is a good firm.

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