Does this mean I am denied clearance or just on hold

I am in the process of becoming a BI, but just received this email. Now I am waiting for the certified letter to come but wanted to be prepared for what it is. Does it mean I am outright denied clearance or is it possible I just need to clarify information or add supplemental information? Or is it automatically a LOI or SOR?

“notification from OPM that your background Investigation has been sent into Administrative Review. This means that they will be looking further into certain items of your background. OPM will be sending you a letter to your home via certified mail to provide you with details of your investigation and request any additional information from you if necessary…”

What was the outcome ? I am currently waiting on an email .

I’m still waiting for mine from a reply of an SOR since December 2017. This is for financial considerations.

Did you ever get a reply? If so, what was the outcome?