Background Investigation Results

I work for the IRS. I have been working pending favorable BI. I received a copy of my BI that I FOIA requested. Case closed January 2021, received FOIA response April 2021. Does this mean between January and April I was in adjudication?

On the case closing transmittal (CCT) it says “OPM ASSESSMENT: D -SEE ATTACHED FORM INV 79A REVIEW LEVEL 3”

  1. What does this mean?

The certification of investigation page was included. It was not signed or dated just stated case was closed.
2. What does this mean.

I have not received any word regarding unfavorable determiantion, SOR or LOI.

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Sounds like you have not been adjudicated by the Treasury. The OPM assessment is an internal tracking code for OPM.

How long did it take for your FOIA to come back? I submitted one March 19th and I am still waiting.

94 days from close date to date I got request

You adjudication clock begins once the investigation closes, which is also when you can request your records through FOIA. Keep in mind, that only means your investigation is handed over to the CAF. It could sit in someone’s queue for a bit of time and may not even be reviewed for several months. Beyond that, your adjudication time has nothing to do with the turn around time of your FOIA request.

FOIA requests used to be 30 days. It’s crazy that they’re now taking 90+. I submitted one on Mar 11 for a T5 (non SCI) investigation that was initiated in August 2020, followed by my BI interview in October 2020 and closed on March 4.

For which agency?

I’ve been waiting on a FOIA request with an IC agency since December 2018.

Update: Found out my case is not with a personnel security specialist, it is at with of my agencies’ HR Specialists who is in Labor & Employee Relations. Any idea why this would be the case?

Update 2: A recommendation is being made tomorrow. Was told I will find out by early next week. Feeling an LOI/SOR is headed my way

You should know what is in your background.

I have you beat CIA was 6 YEARS!

That should be unacceptable, especially if one needs them for outside legal matters.

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This is rather timely…last week I was commenting how my FOIA request for my T5/SSBI was submitted (via email) on 3/11/21. I received the results today, 4/21/21. Not bad. Happy to see that the report was fairly benign from my perspective. All my contacts/references were given ‘recommend’ and ‘acceptable’ as the status and reading the summary of the interview I had with the investigator, as well as the summaries he wrote about what my references answered, don’t seem anything that would concern another party reading it. So we’ll see. My FSO tells me to check back monthly if I don’t hear from them otherwise. Next status check will be early May.

Most background investigation ROIs are fairly boring when read.