DOHA Question

Good Morning,

I just got this email from my SO regarding my clearance.

OPM is the usual investigative unit for clearances. If they find something in your package that needs to be reviewed further or is outside the realm of their adjudicative guidelines, they send it to DOHA. I expect to receive a packet in the mail, which DOHA will instruct me to inform you within 5 days of receipt and you’ll have to come to the office to pick it up. The package will be for your eyes only, and I am unaware of what the process is beyond that.

At this point Im not sure what to do. Has my clearance been denied? or do they need more information from me? Has anyone been through this process or can anyone give me any information about this?

Prior to this email. I received a email from my SO that said:

The last call I had with OPM, I mentioned the status of your final clearance. I was told that you file is in review with DOHA (Office of Hearings & Appeals) and that the long duration of the Interim status is not a mistake. I will let you know once I get a notification regarding this matter.

It sounds like you are getting a Statement of Reasons for a Letter of Intent to Deny. You know what potential issues there may be so start preparing your response and gathering information that may help mitigate, but you will have to wait for the SOR to see what the specific issues are.