• What does "no additional information has been requested by reviewers" mean? Does this mean I'm in the adjudication process?

I’m currently being investigated for security clearance and have been interviewed about a month ago. Most but not all of my contacts and references like neighbors and co-workers have been interviewed as well.

I texted my NBIB investigator to ask if they needed any more information from me for other contacts or to answer any questions. The investigator texted me back “that no additional information has been requested by reviewers”.

Does this mean that my case is still being actively investigated or does it mean that the investigation results are close to being submitted to the requesting agency for adjudication?

Your NBIB investigator will not be able to tell you the status of your investigation. Once they have completed the work that is assigned to them, the case is off of their radar unless a reviewer has to contact them for clarification of their reports. This sounds like the case here.

I hope my question is fitting in this topic;

"The customer has denied your crossover due to unadjudicated information and we would have to submit you for an INITIAL clearance."

Can anyone shed some light on what this really means in Clearance World…this is my take on it, please share yours.

  • Wife is a foreign who attended college in the states and works stateside.
  • Married after my Secret renewal was done, so she was not on the previous one done by Army.
  • I am a Naturalized Citizen in order to get my clearance as my S2/J2 did not understand my status being a resident born on a US territory country.
  • Two speeding tickets within last four years, my only two ever.
  • Apprehended by the MPs over ten years ago as a drunk young buck being loud and stupid. No UCMJ
  • Divorced, second marriage.
  • Recently bought a house- credit score is still in the 770s
  • Attended a Selection recently (retired few months ago) that TS was processed immediately but no answer on status. I doubt it went through as I was a Non-Select.
  • My Secret clearance was last renewed in 2009, it was 2018 Sept when it was submitted for DOS.
  • Stationed overseas, traveled a lot while there and after due to wife’s family.
  • Deployed overseas over 8 times with colorful pictures of strangers with funny names to remember

These are my foresee unadjudicated reasons. I guess I’ll be a member here for awhile due to that list if it is true :slight_smile: