Investigation done, but not clear current status

I contacted my companies FSO to query my clearance status. I was told my tier 5 investigation was completed 5/19, and that I’m probably in the adjudication phase, but it “doesn’t show that in DISS yet.” Can anyone clarify what this means? What actually happens during adjudication?


The background investigation phase pretty much consists of verifying all the info you put down on your SF-86/eQIP and any additional investigation needed to resolve any discrepancies that might be uncovered.

The adjudicator then looks at all the information collected and decides if you can be granted a security clearance, based on the adjudicative guidelines (see google for more info :slight_smile: ). Most people have some issue (minor or not-so-minor), and then the adjudicator has to make a decision whether it is so serious that you cannot be granted a clearance. During this process they may request additional info.

That’s the process in a nutshell. I’m sure I’ve left some stuff out and there’s probably some better descriptions on line but there you have it.

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