Am I missing something??


Probably just being over dramatic and entirely impatient, BUT! Here is my timeline…

Dec. 2016: Submitted all paperwork for clearance process
Approx Mid Sept-Oct 2017: Heard from Investigator
Nov. 2017: Had issues with a co-worker refusing to speak with investigator, had to give another reference I worked with
Nov. 2017: Investigator calls to say he “missed” a few things when he met with me
Dec. 2017: I emailed the contact we were given to get updated which they were supposed to be giving us updates each month ( they have not been doing) and have yet to get a response back.

I check my emails religiously! I hope that I am not missing something and or will someone call to say my clearance has been adjudicated? I don’t want an email to get overlooked between work emails, personal, and of course the millions of junk emails that thread through daily and I accidentally delete it. (Slightly freaking out…)

Thanks for the insight!

Unfortunately it may still be too soon to go into sit-by-the-phone mode :confused:

If I may speculate, your investigator submitted his/her report and the supervisor/reviewer/whatever wanted some more info. So hopefully that means your investigation is nearing completion.

That’s just Phase I

Phase II of course is Adjudication but if you ask me there is a mysterious Phase IA which is where you are awaiting to be assigned to an adjudicator or other form of limbo.