Adjudication-reaching out for more information

My case just entered adjudication. I called the customer service representative at the State Department and they told me that my case manager is reaching out to get more information. I know that the adjudicator getting more information is common, but I personally haven’t been contacted. Is that common to not be personally contacted?

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Well, if they need more information from a different source, then they would not have to contact you. Now, he may be reaching out to you but it might have to go through an investigator, so it would go through that path which may take a little time.

I say that on the whole, this is good news, because it shows that it has reached somebody’s desk! Hopefully the adjudicator will get whatever info they’re looking for and they will make a (favorable) decision soon.

That makes perfect sense. Just one more question. I feel like I have been honest upfront during the investigation. What If something comes up that I honestly forgot? I am almost 99% sure nothing will, but I always hope for the best prepare for the worst.

People forget things. Keep in mind that the investigator is unlikely to let it go at that and may push to make sure you didn’t forget anything else. How it all plays out could depend on what a person forgot. If they forgot a job they worked at for three months, that’s one thing; if they forgot being charged and convicted of a felony, that’s something else.

That’s right . . . It really depends on what you forgot, when it occurred, what your story about the incident is, what your story about forgetting it is . . . and on and on and on . . .

My investigator found an arrest, that I hadn’t considered to be an arrest and several outstanding bench warrant for my arrest! When I researched them I learned that they were related to housing violations for a rental property that I owned and I discovered that I had never been properly notified about the court appearances. If fact, I showed that I was never notified at all. The “arrest” had been a similar issue over the same property.

The municipal judge dismissed the charges and rescinded the warrants. My investigation when on. I did receive an SOR but none of this was involved or even mentioned there. Nine short months later, I received my clearance.

Most things can be explained and dealt with.

@swanbe01 Have you received your clearance yet? I entered adjudication last week, and the adjudicator reached out to me for additional information as well. Hopefully it doesn’t take much longer. I’ve been told that it is 5-7 days for determination once the investigation is closed, but who knows.

That’s usually a good sign because it means it has actually reached an adjudicator and it not pending in some queue.

What agency can do adjudication in 5-7 days?

That’s just what I heard! Not sure if its accurate since everyone’s is different case by case, but mine is expedited with DoD

@ausp Have you received your clearance?

No I haven’t received my clearance yet. What about you?

@ausp My case was closed on 27th last month and I am still waiting. My case was pretty quick open and shut in 3 months and now waiting for the final adjudication.

Oh I see… My case was closed 3/13, so hopefully we both hear back soon! Counting down the days…

@ausp at least your case reached adjudicator which is very good, mine is still in queue I guess so I think I would be waiting months before I could hear anything but I am optimistic so let’s see.

Yeah I guess, but who knows… they reached out for additional information so it could be a long wait for me too… let’s hope for the best though…

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No, my case is still in ajudication waiting for a lead. I have no idea when it will be done.

Just unbelievably frustrating. I very much appreciate the diligence and the backlog aspect, but it’s just ridiculous to have no idea what’s really going or when to expect a decision. We all have lives that we are trying to lead, plans that have to be made, and multiple moving parts depending on the outcome of the clearance. Just some quick courtesy updates from Security would go a hell of a long way.

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I agreed, Its funny people been waiting for years and nobdoy knows whats going on.

I call the customer service representative hotline once a week. My case has been at this point for about a month now.

What number would that be?