ADP-II/ IT- Clearance/Designation

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I was looking at an IT position which works in Military Health. The clearance designation says ADP-II/IT2. What exactly is this clearance? Does it utilize SF-85P or SF-86. This position is more like help desk for MHS clinical systems, so there is no involvment of classified systems or information.

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Public Trust Position — Designated federal employee and contractor positions that, due to the sensitive unclassified responsibilities of the positions, require suitability determinations based on personnel security investigations. Public Trust positions are designated as either Moderate-Risk or High-Risk. Public Trust position include positions designated ADP-I, ADP-II, ADP-III, IT-1, IT-2, IT-3, IT-5, IT-6, 5C and 6C.

ADP-II = access to non-critical sensitive information in order to fulfill their job. These positions can include contractors, government-paid accountants, government-paid data entry positions and systems analysts.

Thank you for your response. So the non-critical sensitive is classed as moderate risk of high-risk? Which would ADPII fall under and which form would I used for this ? SF-85P and undergo a MBI or SF-86?

I believe ADP-I is high and ADP-II/III are moderate risk. I’m not 100% sure which form but I think moderate risk II/III are SF85P while high risk is SF86P.

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I thank you for your input. I was doing my own research as well. The research aligned to what you had stated. I appreciate the assistance. I wonder why there isn’t much mention on ADP designations in the security clearance realm. I had a secret before when I was in the service, but never heard of this designator.

If I had to guess, since ADP falls under the Public Trust umbrella, everyone just refers to it using the generic term PT.

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