Agency Timeline

Curious about how timelines work.

I did the process back in 2022, and discontinued shortly into it because I received a nice job offer.

But my current process has been

Dec 2023 - Interview
Jan 2024 - CJO
Feb 2024 - SF86
Aug 2024 - Poly

Last time I did the process back in 2022 I met with an investigator like late 2021. This time around I’ve met with no one, and I even got married, and added new things to my SF86 like friends / family. So, my question is it normal to take the poly before ever meeting anyone for BI?

One agency I am in the process for does BI before security appointments. The other does the exact opposite.

Did you have a phone call or suitability interview?

I did not. This is also for the NSA.

I never had any interview or anything yet.