Can you list you timeline?

Here is mine:

Jan17- application submitted.
Feb- phone interview
March- in person interview + exams+ CJO
March- sf86 submitted
April- crickets
May- additional information requested
June- Met with investigator. He showed up to my job. Also my contacts were interviewed.
July- a phone call from a different investigator to verify details.

I haven’t heard anything other monthly status updates.

What job is this for?

It’s not a contractor job, though it requires analytical skills.

Ok where? Timelines are different depending on where you apply in the IC.

2017- Applied for TS/SCI position with DoD Agency
Dec 2017- In person interview
Feb 2018- CJO
Early March 2018- SF-86 submission
Mid March 18- Contacted in ref. to missing info
August 2018-Contacted in ref. to credit issues
August 2018- addressed credit issue
August 2018- credit issue info confirmed
Early Dec 2018- phone call confirming that I’m still In process by agency.
Early Dec 2018- email stating that there will be a new way to track your process via the agency website in the new year.

Silence since…

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No in person interview?

Yes, that was in November I believe.

Velcro Tech - OPM asks for the additional information (if needed) shortly after your submission. It appears your future employer did not release/pay for your BI until late April or May. The scheduling date is the date the SCA is accepted by OPM/NBIB and is the official start of your background investigation.

Not for me. My clearance is active.

Woohoo!.. That is always good news.

Here is mine. Timelines seem to vary greatly.

March 18 - Applied
June 18 - Interviewed
June 18 - CJO
July 18 - Submitted SF-86
Oct 18 - Phone review of SF-86
Nov 18 - Polygraph
Dec 18 - Credit pulled
Dec 18 - Investigator requested contact information for co-workers

As far as I know, no one has been contacted yet.

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