Alcohol on Breath

I have a friend who works in another department and he is freaking out right now. He told me he was accused of smelling like booze at work twice about three years ago. He kept his job but was written up for it. He’s now freaking out because of this incident along with him having his clearance suspended in 2012 while he underwent alcohol counseling–he got the clearance back a few months later. He swears there were no other signs of impairment (slurred speech, incoherent thoughts, etc.). He hopes that the lack of definitive proof will help him. He swears he didn’t go to work intoxicated and points to at least 4-5 people in his work area who have seen him out in clubs/bars (so they can tell what he’s like when he’s been drinking) and they’ve never seen those same indication at work.

I told him to look at the guidelines and call a lawyer. Thoughts? Is alcohol on breath a solid indicator of alcohol use at work? I can’t see him doing that.

I would demand a breathalyzer if they made an accusation. Or a BAT. Otherwise to speculate and wreak havoc on a guess…? But, if he was suspended and attended counseling, maybe there were things going on there? If his clearance was given back, there are no problems. I would frankly speak to the accusations and the treatment mitigating it. And definitely mark yes to being written up at work.

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Apparently the previous clearance suspension and the recent accusations are unrelated. He’s pretty pissed about the whole thing with the accusations. He just spoke to his investigator a few weeks ago (yes, I told him to mark that he got written up). The only thing the investigator talked about was what happened, what (if anything) he was ordered to do (like treatment) and if they gave him a breath test. He told me no treatment was recommended and no breath test was ordered. The BI spoke to his boss and site lead but didn’t ask any real questions about it. Is that a good sign?

amberbunny, I’ll make sure to pass on what you said. He’s still crawling up the walls. Anything you, Marko, backgdinvestigator, or anyone else could pass along would help. I think he’s talking to a lawyer next week.

Does alcohol on breath qualify as impairment or an alcohol related incident? Interesting…

I swear drinks I’ve only had a couple occifer. Perception is reality

I would agree but his situation is very strange. No investigation? Hardly a word from the BI about it during the PSI besides being asked about a breathalyzer? Not really bringing it up with the supervisors or co-workers?

The fact the investigator asked about the breathalyzer is a good sign you have an experience investigator. I would ask the same question to establish if the BAC was measured or simply a wag by a supervisor.

Also, only interviewing two people, including the supervisor, is normally a good sign. Three or more is not a good sign.

Thanks backgdinvestigator. He also did something very smart and sent the BI emails from previous co-workers and supervisors who stated they’ve never seen him under the influence or smelled alcohol on him. He told me at least 8. That guy is always paranoid…

The emails can’t be used unless the BI interviews the coworkers and supervisors. The Bi actually should have discouraged the email use.

He’s wondering what it means if there was no investigation of any kind? I told him this was a strange situation.

Gotcha. He told me he had them just in case. I don’t think he talked to the investigator about them prior to the PSI.

amberbunny, I talked to him again and he said he is undergoing counseling and attending AA. No other issues since about 3 years ago. He hasn’t been drinking in about 3-4 months (I know I haven’t seen him drink).

It continues to amaze/amuse me that people with all these background issues and transgressions (usually only very vaguely explained) can seriously think of obtaining/retaining clearances.

I wonder if, in fact, there is no “friend” involved? I suspect more likely that he’s asking about his own personal transgressions?