Anyone agency applicant granted a tier 3 recently with foreign travel/contacts in questionable places?

Need a tier 3. Taught English in Russia before it became controversial. Submitted eqip mid-May, interview mid-June, contacted again last week to clarify last details. Was told “fingers crossed that this is the end.”

Would be the fasted tier 3 in history, given that I lived in a country who is today at a type of war with the U.S.

Anyone recently receive a tier 3 secret clearance after living in Russia, China, the Middle East? If so, mind sharing the timeline for clearance?

Fingers crossed may get you to the end of the investigation stage but I would bet you a quarter that it’s not at the end of the adjudication stage :crossed_fingers:

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Hmmmm… Just a quarter? :stuck_out_tongue:

The thing about adjudication is that the personnel security officer for the hiring agency, especially one subordinate to Defense, e.g. Air Force, has a greater ability to hurry the process along—prioritize the case. They’re afraid of the position being defunded if not immediately filled. So not just to my benefit, they’re trying to get the adjudication finished ASAP.

Your organization is not the only one that wants positions filled ASAP. They will work the easy cases first….just makes sense.

Is this for a contract position?

Yeah, everybody and their dog is an “expedite” in this line of work.

And “expedite” often requires someone using a silver bullet. And people with silver bullets are often hesitant to use them. But it happens. :bullettrain_side:

Shouldn’t be a problem. You will be interviewed about it and that should satisfy the investigation. There are Russians and PRC Chinese, (some of them still just green card holders) as well as ROC Chinese dual citizens working in tech and defense sectors who all have clearances.

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