Applicant processing - COVID 19

Does anyone know if the new candidate hiring process is halted due to coronavirus outbreak? This is for the IC agency in VA. I have an interview next month and no one is answering the phone when I call them. Curious if anyone here has a similar situation.

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National security mission-based processes don’t stop because of this pandemic.

what appointment do you have if you don’t mind?

The IC agency in MD told me they are not extending final offers until it is safe to bring some one in for onboarding/indoc.

Awesome question. I was just talking to my wife about this today and wondering the same thing. I’d like to hear what the more senior board members have to say. Ive already got 10 months in on the process dont want to add anymore to it than i have to.

How was this communicated? Did they notify all applicants, or did you contact them? Are you far enough along for a FJO?

The differences between agencies are fascinating, in a frustrating way…

Through my recruiter, I assume recruiters are notifying all applicants. Yes I’m far enough along. If I was two weeks earlier in the process I’d probably be badged and working now.

Hi, could you say more about this? Which agencies’ onboarding do you expect to continue?

Had eval & testing appointment. The recruiter called this week and informed me the appointments had been cancelled. They are however rescheduling it for next month.

I can’t speak for Cinder but I also am in the application process for a job in the IC. I accepted a CJO in January and met with my investigator in February. I was told that I would be contacted to schedule a visit the site for the job interview and security processing in 1-3 months from that time. This would mean that normally, I would have been contacted to set up a date in the March-May timeframe. However, COVID-19 has changed this timeline.

I received an e-mail on Friday from this organization that effectively said that all applicant processing is halted until it is deemed safe to resume operations as normal. This goes even for people who have accepted FJOs and already had a start date set.

Yup can confirm. I have had my FJO and EOD since December. Was suppose to be onboarding in a bit over a month. Got an email from my agency saying my EOD is now tentative and they will reach out to reschedule it unless the climate changes. Its only a matter of time, it seems.

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Yeah, after waiting the year from denial, I reapplied, got my CJO and have spent another year in the investigation, finishing the full scope in Jan. And now this virus happens lol. I was about to get my FJO. Luckily I had a backup secret only contractor position lined up. Should get that FJO this week.

Out of curiosity, how do you figure you were about to get your FJO? Especially having just done the Full Scope in January, that’s only 2-3 months. In my experience, it generally takes longer than that, however, it could be a difference between agencies, as I’ve never processed with the MD agency that you appear to be going with.

I got my secret clearance in Jan. as well as passing the full scope and psych. I’ve had a clearance before, and I don’t know how denials affect reinvestigations, but I was still technically within the time frame, so it’s possible instead of a full reinvestigation, they just switched me over to continuous monitoring or whatever it’s called, because as far as I know, none of my references have mentioned being contacted.

But the main reason is because the recruiter said my clearance was approved and I was ready to hire, he was just waiting for 2 office managers to get back to him as to which office I’d be better suited for, and then he’d be sending over the FJO. But then a few days turned into a week, turned into a sorry we’re not extending FJOs until it is safe for onboarding.

Ahh that makes a lot more sense. It’s nice you’ve been able to have that communication with your recruiter. Just sucks that this COVID-19 situation has happened when it did right before you were good to go!

off topic question. (hopefully it is allowed).
Is artificial intelligence (AI) being used in BI for initial clearance or it is used only for already cleared people instead of periodic re-investigation?

Man that must suck. To wait all that time, get cleared and now to be put on hold and none of it is in your control.

did you ever receive your FJO and did you have to list the downloading again?

I did to both questions. I actually just hit my 1 year mark at my agency. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply, I’m in the same boat. Last year applied for a position with the VA customer and admitted I use to torrent movies back in the day. Should have know something was going wrong when the BI calls me twice to talk about the same thing lol. Have not receive my SOR as of this writing. My ts/sci is still good on the jpas side. If i decide to give it another go next year I will list it on the form.