DIA Pre-Employment Screening Backlog

Anyone else stuck in DIA Pre-Employment Screening limbo? I was given a CJO in Feb 2020 and I already have a clearance. I haven’t been contacted at all yet about continuing/starting the pre-employment process. I understand that COVID is probably slowing timelines, but does anyone know if pre-employment processing is completely paused right now or just significantly slowed due to telework?

Slowed in this area; however, have seen no pauses for personnel security work.

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The pre-employment processing for the organization I applied for (IC) is completely halted until they are allowed to go back to normal, so there are probably significant slow-downs across the board.

Also, the fact that you already have a clearance is irrelevant unless it’s already at the level you need for employment at DIA. For example, if you have Secret, and your position with the DIA requires TS/SCI, you’re going to have to go through the whole investigation process from the very beginning as if you didn’t have a clearance at all.

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