CI screenings and polygraphs during quarantine

Hey all. I’m new to the clearance world so sorry for any dumb questions. Processing a TS/SCI and have to complete a CI screening and poly before it’s adjudicated (I believe that’s the correct order). But, the two bases conducting those have suspended those operations. Any information on how screenings and polys are being done, if at all? My FSO is pretty on top of things, just wanted to check for myself.

I can’t speak for all organizations but I would imagine suspended operations is pretty standard across the board.

I am also being processed for TS/SCI for a potential IC job and was told via official e-mail from this particular organization that ALL applicant processing, regardless of what stage they are at in processing, is being completely halted until it is deemed safe for workplaces to resume normal operations. This means that they aren’t scheduling polygraphs, drug tests, or other interviews/evaluations for people who still need to do those, they aren’t issuing any CJOs or FJOs, and they aren’t on-boarding people who have already accepted an FJO and have a tentative start date.

Thanks for the info. This is for a contracted position, so I imagine you’re getting more information than I am if you’re processing directly with the agency. Even once my clearance is done, there’s ‘agency vetting,’ which my FSO/ admin staff won’t be able to track once it starts.

This would be for MD, presumably?

Yes (20 char limit).

Mine is for the same folks I’m assuming, just at the GA location. Safe to assume the on-boarding restrictions apply to contractors too.