Are either of these reportable?

1.) daughter and i have same RX for same drug (not controlled substance - insulin). daughter runs out so i gave her some of mine (exact same med she is prescribed). she takes her exact prescribed dose.

2.) stopped by police for speeding; cited for driving without license and speeding (I had a license i just didnt have it with me). the license charge will be dismissed when i show it to the judge.

Definitely report the ticket. The citation is in the system… a one-off speeding isn’t a pattern, and not a huge deal (provided you weren’t exceeding MACH1); the forgotten license will be dismissed, but there’s a chance the record will show the citation and it being dropped, so there’s no harm in reporting it.

It won’t harm you to report the RX. It will become part of your record and may be asked about in the future, however. I recommend you avoid such instances but understand you providing for your daughter. Get her script (and yours) on auto-renew.

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i appreciate it, i will report the ticket. i cant see how transferring a non-controlled substance to someone with an RX for it would be a problem (I could understand if she was not RX’d it). i think the work “intentional” misuse on the form re: prescription drugs makes clear this wasn’t “intentional misuse”.

i already reported where i gave her an 800 motrin that I had an rx for but she did not. but this case would be different since she has an Rx (different dose, but she took it in the exact dose prescribed. exact same med).

i read over SEAD4 and adjudicators desk reference, and everything about misuse involves: taking other than as medically directed (e.g., taking more or less than prescribed; taking something not RX’d to you; theoretically giving it to someone else if they are not Rx’d it) or taking for other than intended purpose (e.g., to get high). i have been confused about this question before but i think if i was asked i have a legit argument for it not being reportable (not to mention the very real issue with missing a dose of insulin). keyword being i think “intentional” misuse.

i just am very concerned about not being seen as hiding something, this causes me to over-report sometimes, but i dont want to report what doesnt need to be reported. all the drug questions on the sf86 concern illegal drugs or controlled substances, except for the prescription misuse question, and i truly dont think i misused it. every case i found involves someone without an Rx for it.

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Read the instructions very carefully re: traffic violations to see if yours qualifies before listing it.

As an investigator, I would not personally report the medication. Same script, same amount, same everything. That is not the type of “drug” use they are looking for and it will just cause unnecessary work for the investigator that won’t change the outcome of the case. Now if you were slipping her some oxy on the side for recreational purposes that would definitely be an issue.

Exactly, I see MANY people putting way too much information, going back 15 years, things that are NOT part of the questioning etc. Problem with that is we as investigators then have to address and respond as well as TYPE up that…


I really wish there was an issue code for not following instructions.