Sold Adderall, what are my chances?

Hi guys, About 8 months ago I sold a small amount of Adderall pills, less than 20, to a friend also prescribed Adderall so I thought it was harmless, but clearly it looks like I may have screwed myself. I told the truth on my S86 form. How screwed am I if I go for a Top secret with poly in the future?

I think it could be mitigated. The idea for granting/denying security clearance is ‘whole person’, and the question that your incident begs is “Does this person have questionable judgment?”. If this is the only incident in your history and you do a decent job of explaining and mitigating, then I think you could be fine. If there are other problems in your past or present, then this could be very recent evidence of a pattern of making bad choices.

Edit: I apologize if I was in the wrong.

The sale and distribution of a controlled substance 8 months ago, will not and cannot be mitigated. Not trying to be a jerk, but please consider your responses, we do not want to lead these people seeking guidance astray.


I have always had to sign something saying the medication was for me and NO ONE else. And they fact that you sold them for a profit…time to look for another job.

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I apologize. My intent was not to lead others astray. I was basing my suggestion on other posts such as these:

Many users in these threads indicate that one-off or infrequent offenses will not be automatic disqualifiers. Please let me know if you feel differently.

No apology needed bud. But I think in this case the OP is looking to find out if he/she can get a Top Secret w/poly in the near future. Based on my understanding not.


So . . . You thought it was OK because the buyer had a prescription? Are you a licensed pharmacist? It makes no difference at ALL that the buyer has a prescription. The idea that you thought that this was “harmless” is exactly the problem. There are two ends to this. You were also prescribed Adderall. Didn’t you need the pills? Were you supposed to be taking them? Poor judgement and an inability to live within the rules.

You shouldn’t be getting a clearance, particularly a TS, any time soon.

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