Purchasing pills online?

Filling out SF86 and hit question “…purchasing, shipping… illegal drugs…”

I recently (~3 months ago) bought modafinil online using bitcoin. FWIW, my understanding was that it is illegal to sell modafinil in the US, but not to buy/possess it. This was before this job was even on my radar, and I have since learned that the whole thing is illegal. (I know this was very naïve of me)

I don’t mind admitting to this, but am worried about the potential for criminal charges to be filed, or local authorities being notified. From what I’ve read so far online, it’s up to the investigators’ discretion whether or not to inform other agencies. So, am I rolling the dice if I admit to it? My other alternative is to just back out of the whole thing; is that a bad idea? Would I be banned from applying again in 7+ years (when I could give an honest “no” answer)?

"The SF86 provides some protection against criminal prosecution. Question #23 (Illegal Use of Drugs or Drug Activity) and question #27 (Use of Information Technology Systems) both included the caveat, “Neither your truthful responses nor information derived from your responses will be used as evidence against you in any subsequent criminal proceeding.”

[From clearancejobs.com blog]

As a 10 year legal user of modafinil I can tell you it is strictly controlled, difficult to maintain even with government approvals, etc. Too many times Im down to no pills, refill declined for innocuous reason beyond my control. Could be tricare authorization, or med authorization…every possible technical issue has happened over 10 years.

I believe you have an issue here. Schedule 1 controlled substances are a huge red flag. Ive had clearances held up for months because a military dependent took a military motion (800mg) as opposed to OTC 200MG. using bitcoin adds to the issue. It implies a possible attempt to cover your tracks.

Did you take them? Can you ethically claim not knowing it was controlled? Did you destroy them? Do you even know if they are real or fake? I can tell you I get zero rush. It just stops me from zoning out, falling asleep with eyes open, or worse while driving.

The rest of the question finely slices that frog hair, adds the word “handled”. I’m guessing you held the package? To say no…is untruthful. A poly likely screens you out as you dance around that topic.

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Yes, I handled the package. Yes, I used the pills.

My question now is, given I cannot honestly answer “no” to the question and that it happened so recently:

Is it a bad idea to tell the company that I cannot take the job because I’m 99% sure I’d be denied clearance and don’t want to waste everyone’s time? Does that hurt me in the future if I try to go for SC again 7 or so years from now?

Hard to believe that. Motrin is not a controlled substance.

Not necessarily. There are plenty cases of former “misuse of prescription meds,” that cleared. I’m one of them. I use my story as a means of helping others. Were there things going on in your life not likely to reappear, causing you to make this decision? Divorce?, death? Etc? I never gave a thought to using another’s Prozac during a painful divorce. Used medicinally, followed label, not to get high…just to get through the day. It numbed everything. Enough to get my own RX, use 3 months, taper off and get back in the game of life. That you used bitcoin complicates the matter in my eyes. A means of covering your tracks? I depending on your age (over 24?) I would wait at least 3 years before pursuing a cleared position. 12 months for MJ, 18 to 24 months if harder drugs, minimum 3 years if dealing, or abuse of RX. Just a rule of thumb I followed for 10 years.

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I just wanted to add that no matter what happens with ypur clearance I hope you stop purchasing meds online. Years ago…before it was illegal i purchased meds online and they always looked different and there was no way of telling what was really in them. There was also no way of tracimg if something went wrong. Looking back i realize there could have been poison in the meds for all i knew .