Admitting to purchasing marijuana on SF-86: Consequences beyond clearance?

For the drug involvement question that asks:

“In the last X years, have you been involved in the illegal purchase, manufacture, trafficking…receiving or sale of any narcotic…cannabis for YOUR OWN INTENDED PROFIT OR THAT OF ANOTHER?”

If someone were to admit to purchasing small amounts of weed for personal use (before ever holding a clearance), are they basically incriminating themselves to the federal govt? Generally how badly will this affect clearance adjudication, even if real remorse is shown?

I know that the form says “your truthful responses nor information derived from your responses will be used as evidence against you in any subsequent criminal proceeding” but what does that really mean for your legal rights beyond the clearance process?

How long ago was it? Was it a one time deal? What other issues do you have in your background?

I was just granted a TS. I have several misdemeanor charges/convictions and even a felony charge from events that happened 15 years ago. However, those issues didn’t seem to weigh too heavily on the decision. The whole person coitus taken into consideration.

I would think that these agencies are a little too busy doing their own work to refer clearance applicants for criminal prosecution in this way. If you admitted to killing members of a rival drug gang, you might have a problem but admitting that you bought some grass? I don’t think that’s going anywhere.

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Answer truthfully. You bought pot for personal use. Not a major issue unless you SOLD POT. I mean it ask if you ever used drugs too. Where do ya think they came from for use? The SKY?

Well, you could use be using marijuana only mooching off friends who bought it themselves.

Keyboard! Any update for you? Hope it all worked out.