Sf86 and incriminating references?

So I mentioned on my sf86 that I did not personally involve myself in the “transfer of drugs” but that I had witnessed my friend get some weed from cousin - looking back, I’m not sure if I should have provided that last bit of detail (kinda dumb of myself) but I have already submitted my sf86…will this come back and get my friend in trouble? This is also for a 3 letter intelligence agency if that matters

No . . . They will not be coming after your friends based on your description of a drug deal from several years ago. However, I don’t believe that you were under any obligation to disclose this little story and you may have caused yourself some problems because it will have to be documented by your investigator and considered by your adjudicator.

Just a side note, if I were an adjudicator at a three letter agency and I came across your file, I would not be concerned about your having witnessed a minor drug deal but the idea that you disclosed it would give me pause. It makes it appear that you talk about more than you need to . . .


…and the types of people you associate with.

thanks! but also this was not from several years ago but several months ago…would that still be fine and no one will get in trouble? I just don’t wanna screw a friend over

If it’s recent, it calls into question the people that you are hanging around with as well as my other concerns.

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Thank you…I understand but also could it be mitigated by the fact the friend is not a frequent user? it was just to celebrate (like a one time thing) Furthermore, I have never touched any of it in my life either …I understand if you have admitted to use in past then they will look into who you associate with as it can cause you to relapse but I have never or do I ever plan on using

Sure . . . Whatever you want mitigates it . . . Keep trying . . .

You were with a friend when he bought pot from his cousin. So, your friend AND his cousin are criminals. It doesn’t matter that your friend isn’t a regular user. It’s the criminal activity, not the pot, that is a problem here. You opened the door for them to look into your associates by letting them know that one sometimes buys pot.

This is where you are . . . They aren’t going to bust down the door at your friends house and drag him out in cuffs and the ARE going to want to look at you because of who you hang out with and because you opened your mouth and provided information that wasn’t asked for.

Look at it this way (assuming that you are going for FBI) . . . How does this headline look, “FBI Analyst Arrested While Friend Purchases Drugs”? You were there, you could have been arrested if something had gone down.

They are going to care.

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so is there no hope for my case? I provided because I wasn’t sure of the question and I just wanted to be completely honest…in retrospect, maybe I was being too literal and honest but the intention was good. if I explained this to the investigator could this help me out? @EdFarmerIII

Nobody here has said that there’s “no hope” for you . . . whatever that would mean . . .

All that we have said is that you have made the road more complicated. You will need to understand this heading into any interview. The only advice anyone can really give is the same that we give all of the time.

Go live your life. Don’t wait for the government to get to you. They could show up soon or it could take several years. Put it out of your mind until there is something to do. Then put everything into it and get that thing done so that you can go back to your life. All of this is doubly so with the IC. They are secretive to begin with. They aren’t going to give you a lot of information until they are ready.

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